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For news and the latest information regarding Jennifer's case and events planned in her honor, please visit Jennifer's facebook page


Brockton Police Department Lt. Ken Legrice

Mass State Police Detectives Unit

Private Investigators (508) 328-9285

Can you imagine not knowing where your loved one is? Can you imagine waking up every day for over 25 years not knowing where your loved one is? Jennifer's mother is praying, not for closure that will never come, but for resolution and an end to the agony of not knowing.

Too often, cases of missing children go unsolved, and with each passing year, leads in these cases become few and far between. In an effort to promote new information in cold missing children's cases, the Jennifer Lynn Fay Foundation for Missing Children will raise funds to offer rewards in these cases.The family of Jennifer Lynn Fay has struggled with not knowing where she is or what happened to her since her disappearance on November 14, 1989.

Partnering with the Molly Bish Foundation, a team of licensed private investigators, all members of the Licensed Private Detective Association of Massachusetts, Inc., agreed to conduct pro bono investigations on cold missing children's cases though out the Commonwealth, including, but not limited to, the case of Jennifer Fay. . 

The Fay case has progressed rapidly since February 2005 through the efforts of investigation team members including Charles Castro and Michelle & David Littlefield of Diversified Corporate Solutions, Inc., Bridgewater, MA. The team of P.I.'s are working in conjunction with state and local law enforcement.

The Jennifer Lynn Fay Foundation for Missing Children is a non-profit corporation registered with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Office of the Secretary of State. Our mission is to further the cases of missing children, provide resources to the families of missing children, law enforcement, and private investigators, and to promote the safety of children. 

  • Together we can advocate for the missing and exploited children
  • Together we can work to educate parents and children to prevent another child from being abducted.
  • Together we can work to solve the cases of missing children.
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