Jennifer Lynn Fay Foundation For Missing Children, Inc.  - 508-328-9285
We, the Jennifer Fay Investigation Team, wish to take a moment and say thank you for all the support and help you have given to us during this long and trying ordeal. For those of you whom we have had the pleasure of meeting as well as those we will meet in the future, we wish to extend our gratitude for the assistance you have given.
To Private Investigator Phil White, Thank you for your selfless dedication to the Fay Case as Lead Investigator from 2004 - 2009.
To Private Investigator Alan Tate of Metro Investigations of Quincy, MA., Connecticut Canine Search And Rescue, and Search Dogs of New England - Thank you for the countless hours that you and your teams have donated in the numerous searches for Jennifer.
 To Jennifer's Friends and Family - Thank you for your all the assistance you have given with your memory and recall. As a result of your help, this team has obtained information that has been invaluable to our ongoing investigation and we believe that with your continued efforts, we will bring closure to this horrific situation that has consumed the family of Jennifer for over twenty years.
We also want to say to those of you who have yet to speak with us, we encourage you to do so. It is important for everyone to know that no matter how small the detail or insignificant the information may be to you, it is all extremely important to us.
Over twenty-four years ago, Jennifer left her home on foot during the late evening hours. She was never seen again. For many of us, we know that was a lifetime ago in many eyes and since that time we have all grown, many of us with children of our own and our lives have continued on. We watch our children play and grow within the neighborhood and we pray every day that they will be safe and protected.
As you pray for these things, we hope that you will take yourself back to the day when you were young and growing up in the neighborhood. This Very Neighborhood. The same neighborhood where Jennifer grew up.
We are all older and wiser now. Those things that we may have been afraid to speak of then, may seem less troublesome today and as a result, could be information that can be of help to our final goal.
As investigators and professionals, we are sure of one thing:
Someone knows!!! Maybe Not Everything, But Something. And we only hope that they, having grown and perhaps started a family of their own, can look into their hearts and feel what Jennifer’s family feels and look at their children and imagine what their life would be like if one night:
“They Never Came Home. No Good-bye, No Telephone Call, Nothing”
As we have done from the onset, we ask for your help, as it is that which will bring the Jennifer home and bring finality for her family and the community who has never forgotten.
On behalf of our team and most assuredly, the family of Jennifer Fay, we thank you for your help and your donations which have a tremendous effect on those who benefit from it.
Please support the people and businesses that have supported the search for Jennifer Fay:
Molly BIsh Foundation
Connecticut Canine Search and Rescue
Search Dogs of New England
Maureen Hancock
Massachusetts State Police
Plymouth County DIstrict Attorney's Office
Barbour Corporation
Baystate Portable
Brockton Police Department
Brockton Emergency Management Agency
Brockton FIre Department
Boston University Private Investigators Program
BJ's Wholesale
Cirelli Foods
Comfort Inn
Enterprise Car Rental, Braintree
Holiday Inn
Marriott Courtyard
Fireside Grill
Grant Rentals, Bridgewater
Fedex Kinkos
Italian Kitchen
Quality Inn
Raddison Inn
South Shore Autolines
Supreme Donut
Massasoit Conference Center
Papa Gino's
Sysco Foods
Max's Blues Cafe
Annette Randall
Mutual Oil
Hope Reardon
Ed Capeau

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